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Dr. Alan Kwong Hing


the clear orthodontic choice


Invislaign (clear aligners) is a great way to get straight teeth without the hassle of traditional orthodontics. Sudbury Smiles is also proud to offer accelerated orthodontics with OrthoPulse, cutting treatment time in half!


How does invisalign work?

Clear aligners uses a series of custom made aligners (trays) to straighten your teeth. The aligners are nearly invisible. They are removable so you can continue to eat without restrictions and maintain your regular oral health routine. Being removable also lessens chances of periodontics while in orthodontic treatment.



Cut treatment time in half with OrthoPulse!

OrthoPulse is a new technology that uses low levels of light energy to stimulate the roots of the teeth to increase movement. 


How does Orthopulse work?

OrthoPulse is a self-treatment where the patient wears the device for 10 minutes a day throughout orthodontic treatment. OrthoPulse is linked to a smartphone app that records treatment time and is shared with the orthodontist.




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