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How to choose the right toothpaste


There are so many kinds of toothpaste on the market, so choosing the right one can feel pretty overwhelming. Beside price point, there are quite a few things to consider when picking the right toothpaste for you.

Before we get to the 'how to choose the right toothpaste checklist', let's go over why we even use toothpaste. Toothpaste removes the build-up of food and bacteria commonly known as “plaque” on your teeth and helps guard against future decay.

When considering a toothpaste, you should know what you are looking for; toothpaste has three components: flavours, detergents, and abrasives. Add-ons such as; whitening and antimicrobials ingredients can help make the toothpaste specific to individual needs. When it comes to looking for one with abrasives, one thing we caution is to try and avoid microbeads as they may get caught under the gums and cause inflammation.

How to choose the right toothpaste

Did you know that toothpaste is not the only option? People have been using toothpowder way before paste came to be and if you can believe it, they still do. However, finding toothpowder can be a little more challenging to find.

Before you write off toothpowder, studies have shown that people who used it had fewer stains, it removed plaque more effectively and helped control gingivitis.

How to choose the right toothpaste checklist:

  • Does it fight plaque and cavities?

  • Does it contain fluoride?

  • Does it provide tooth whitening?

  • Do you have sensitive teeth? Does this need to be addressed?

  • What is the texture do you like? Do you like a paste or a powder?

  • What taste do you want?

Once you've tried it, does it:

  • Make your mouth feel fresh?

  • Do your teeth feel smooth and clean?

  • Do you like the taste and feel when you use it?

There are so many types of toothpaste today on the market that one can try a different brand each time, or you may even find the perfect one for you at your next trip to the grocery store or pharmacy!

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