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After Orthodontics

Yay! You're done your orthodontic treatment! Now that you have your new beautiful straight smile, why not start by taking excellent care of it. Here are three quick ways to start!

Get a dental cleaning

The advantage to having Invisalign is that you can continue to get regular dental cleanings and check-ups throughout your procedure. We highly recommend that you do keep regular cleanings during your treatment because you want to have the cleanest possible teeth under the aligners. The reason to get a good cleaning and check-up after the treatment is over is to ensure that your teeth are in good health and to spot any potential problems (like dental decay that leads to cavities). 

You just dedicated a lot of time to your smile. Make sure it stays as healthy as possible. 


You have a beautiful new smile but is it yellow? Many people choose to get teeth whitening done after their orthodontic treatment is over. You can look at it as the icing on top of the cake! We suggest you do professional whitening and talk to your dentist about the best option for you. Why not ask at your next dental cleaning :D

Wear your retainer

So they didn’t tell you about the retainer? Most people have to wear a retainer for a short period or forever after their treatment. It is vital to wear your retainer as told or your teeth can shift back into their original place with time. Take it from some people who did not wear their retainer and need to have re-treatment 20 years later. You may feel silly, but you feel sillier that you spent so much time and money to have your teeth slowly shift back.

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