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The Power of a Smile


Did you know there is power in a smile?

Just think of being in a grocery store and the clerk gives you a genuine 'hello' smile. Maybe you were stressed out about beating the traffic and getting dinner on the table before the kids get home from hockey practice. But that smile. That genuine hello smile put a smile on your face and all of a sudden you are feeling a little better. That is the power of a smile. 

So how can you harness the power of a smile?

Smiling 101

It all starts with feeling happy. This feeling releases endorphins that trigger the facial muscles to smile, which causes a chemical reaction in the brain that releases mood-enhancing hormones and reduces stress. 

 It's  a positive feedback loop: Brain feels happier = Smile = Brain feels happier

Basically smiling tells our brains we are happy! This is why if you fake a smile you will eventually start to feel a bit happier. Test it out by putting a pencil between your teeth and biting, this stimulates the smile muscles and should help turn that frown upside down!

A smile's impact on you

"A smile will take you a mile." - Baron Baptiste

Smiling not only makes you happier, but it can also make you appear more courteous and competent. This is because it gives off the impression you are confident in what you are doing. 

It also has added health benefits like reducing stress, anxiety, and lowering blood pressure. Additionally, studies have been conducted showing that people who smile more live longer!*

Plus smiling can save you money because the level of happiness one smile brings is equivalent to roughly $28 000! Or if you want that in calories it would be the equivalent to 2000 chocolate bars!


How your smile impacts others

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy." - Thich Nhat Hanh

So why did that clerk make you smile? Simple, smiling is contagious. Part of human evolution involved being able to read and mimic people's facial expressions. When you see someone smile your mirror neurons trigger a smile. You see a smile, and can't help but smile back. 

But watch out because the same goes for spreading a frown or bad vibes. And! People can detect when it is a fake smile. So if you are trying to cheer someone up with a smile, make sure it is doing just that for you first. 

Invest in your smile

We get a lot of patients who have been embarrassed by their smile for years. When they finally get around to seeing us and embark on a journey of better oral care they start to feel happier. Why? Maybe it is taking action of self-care, or maybe it's because they are smiling just a little more!

Is it about time you invested in your smile?

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