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Why you should be wearing a mouth guard when playing sports! 


Whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete wearing a mouthguard should be part of your kit, especially since mouth injuries can happen to anyone. It is recommended to wear a mouthguard if you are playing a sport that has contact or chances of impact for instance hockey, field hockey, rugby, baseball, skateboarding, windsurfer and more (see full American Dental Association list here). Mouthguards protect the teeth and soft tissue (tongue, lips, cheeks) from injury when an athlete has come into collided with someone or something.  

Did you know that oroficial (mouth and face) injuries are 1.6-1.9 times higher when a mouthguard is not worn? Mouthguards give athletes something to bite down on during impact, which absorbs and dissipates some of the force, thus minimizing damage. However, against popular belief mouthguards do not prevent concussions, but are still very important in preventing injuries. So do not skip wearing your mouthguard or you may be taking an unexpected trip to the dentist! 

Types of Mouthguards 

There are three types of mouthguards on the market; standard store bought guard, boil and bite guard, and custom fit. A proper fitting mouthguard is essential for it to do its job. The mouthguard should sit comfortably in the mouth, not move about, and the fit should also allow normal breathing. 

  1. A standard mouthguard is not advisable as it will not be able to do the full job in protecting the mouth.

  2. The boil and bite options are a better alternative as they are closer to fitting the teeth and the bite is more comfortable, however breathing can be troublesome.

  3. Lastly, you can get one made at the dentist, which is custom fit for optimal comfort and ease in wearing. It is a simple procedure and can be done at your next visit.

If you have any questions ask your hygienist at your next appointment. If you are currently playing sports without a mouthguard or yours does not fit well please feel free to make an appointment to get a custom fit mouthguard today! You can give us a call at 705-522-0220 ext. 1.

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