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Why do our teeth chatter when cold?


Quick facts about being cold

It seems to be that time of the year! The cold is upon us and our outfits contain a couple more layers, but even with the extra sweater our bodies may still react to the cold in a physical way. When we get cold our body wants to maintain our body temperature, known as thermo regulation, and the main way to stay warm is to shiver which boosts the metabolism.  

So why is it that when we are cold our teeth chatter? Actually, it isn’t our teeth at work, rather our face muscles shivering and the side effect is our teeth chattering! It’s as simple as that!  

A few other interesting facts… 

… did you know taller people get colder faster because they have more surface area to loose heat? 

… children loose more heat from their heads than adults because their heads are larger (surface area) in proportion to their bodies.  

… our noses run when we are cold because they are working hard. The nose needs to add moisture to do warm-up the air entering the lungs and when it produces too much our noses run.  

Stay warm! 

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