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Tips on how to floss properly


What you should know about flossing

Flossing can feel like a chore, but its benefits outweigh all excuses (for real!). It may feel like it takes forever and is a clumsy task. With time and technique refinement you will be a flossing pro in no time.

Tips to help you get you flossing properly: 

  1. Floss once at least once a day

  2. The best is to floss before you brush (you clear the spaces between the teeth which gives the fluoride in your toothpaste access to all your tooth)

  3. For best technique wrap your two middle fingers around the floss (then no finger will turn purple!)

  4. Always use a clean fresh portion of floss for every tooth, which means you may need to use more floss than you think

  5. Floss down and up and make sure to get under the gum line. Make a ‘C’ shape for one side of the tooth and a backwards ‘C’ shape for the one beside it

  6. Your gums may bleed if you’re not a regular flosser. This is an early sign of gingivitis however it's reversible and with regular flossing it should take about 2 weeks for the bleeding to stop and gums to get healthy again.

  7. Different kinds of floss can work better for different people, our office uses glide. It's good for people with tight contacts (teeth that are close together) there's also satin floss, wax floss

If regular floss is not going to work for you or you gave braces or a lingual wire (A lingual wire is the retainer put on the back of your bottom teeth once your braces come off!) here are some different flossing objects you can consider using: 

  • Floss picks and sticks: for kids or people on the go

  • Water picks: like a pressure washer for your teeth

  • Air flosser: same concept of water pic but it's air

  • Floss threaders: for braces or lingual wires

  • Super floss: for braces or lingual wires

  • Proxy brushes & easy floss: for braces or lingual wires

Want more tips about flossing?

Ask you dental hygienist for in person tips when you are at your next appointment. Time to visit us? Book your next appointment by calling 705-522-0220 ext. 1. 

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