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How to maintain your health during the holidays


Holiday eating tips for your oral and overall health!

Candy canes. Sugar cookies. Eggnog. Wine. Punch. Hot chocolate. Stuffing. Latkes. Oh we could go on!  

Holiday season is among us and with that comes a bevy of delicious things all of which are amazing for our taste buds, but not necessarily good for our tummies or teeth. Since it’s the holidays we want to and should allow ourselves to indulge a bit, key being a bit or in other words ‘everything in moderation’.  

Have we just ruined your holiday feasting fun? Well, to make up for it we have put together a list of tips that have proven to work for us when we are around lots of tasty things for an extended period of time. Since most of us go to more than one holiday party we need a game plan for controlling ourselves! 

TIP 1: Watch out for the “empty” snacks 

Watch out for the pre-meal snacks and appetizers. We are taking about bowls of chips, piggies in a blanket, shrimp rings, and so on. Set the amount of snacks you will eat before the meal or stay away from them completely. This is where you load up on unnecessary eating. 

TIP 2: A drink in hand 

Hold your drink in your dominant hand. This will make grabbing for a snack less likely or you will become aware of what you are doing (by switching hands for your drink) and you can reassess whether you really need that cracker. 

TIP 3: Be picky 

Not your favourite? Don’t eat it. If food is there it does not mean you should eat it. Be choosy on what you put on your plate so you are not loading up on extras that are unnecessary.  

TIP 4: No starving yourself before

The worst thing you can do is not eating during the day. When you come to a party without eating like normal you will be starving and fill up on bad foods and overeat. 

TIP 5: Water is your BFF!

If you have read some of our other blogs you will know we are huge fans of water! Drink water throughout the evening. Water will help you control your hunger, the amount of other drinks you have, and keep you hydrated in the winter dry.  

TIP 6: Watch your buzz 

You may eat more when buzzed and alcohol contains calories, which you may forget to take into account. Our tip is to add ice cubes to your drink or have spritzers. If you water down your drinks you will slow down your buzz and alcohol consumption. Plus water water water! 

TIP 7: Wait before seconds 

It takes a while for you body to register that it is full, so give it a few before you heap on another serving of mashed potatoes. Let your body rest because you might just be full. 

TIP 8: It’s ok to indulge 

It is the holiday and indulging is part of the fun. Our last tip is to not punish yourself. If you went overboard it is ok, as we said at the start ‘everything in moderation’, which can apply to: ‘so you went overboard, next party chill out with the food’. 

We hope these tips help you out this holiday season! Cheers! 


Kortney Kwong Hing