Sudbury Smiles Dental Office in Sudbury, Ont. Tips for the perfect wedding smile
Jul, 03, 2017

Tips for the Perfect Wedding Smile

Are we almost half way through July! This means one thing wedding season is in full swing. Whether it is your wedding, your friend’s, or a family member’s we bet you will be doing a lot of smiling. Sometimes “say cheese” just doesn’t do the trick in getting a natural and flattering smile. To help you feel natural and get the best out of your photos we have a couple of tips to make smiling and photos fun, it is a wedding after all!

Dental office in Sudbury. Tip for the perfect wedding smile is to know your angle!

Find your angle

It sounds pretty cliché and top model-ly, but it is actually a helpful tip. Looking straight onto a camera or having your photo taken is not the most flattering position for most people. This is mainly due to the fact that we are not born with symmetrical faces and smiles. A slight angle will take this ‘flaw’ (if you will) away and give the illusion of symmetry.

Know your teeth and lips for the perfect smile. Relaxed lips and less gum are key to a beautiful wedding smile

Know your mouth: Teeth and lips

Nothing ruins photos like a fake or forced smile. You want to capture the special day and the joy of it, but smiling over and over again can feel really straining. Have no fear! To help you keep a natural and joyful smile make sure to part your teeth slightly, this will relax the face and the smile. Most of the time it is more flattering when you show a little teeth, no gum or very little, and a relaxed lower lip; this sounds like a lot to think about, which brings us to point number three.

Practice makes the perfect wedding smile


Practicing allows you to figure out your angle, how much teeth you like to show when you smile, and how to smile with your eyes. It also takes away the stress of wondering how you look when you are posing because you have already nailed your perfect smile.

Shine your teeth with a pre wedding teeth whitening and the perfect lip stick

Sparkle: Shiny teeth and glossy lips

Rumour has it movie stars put Vaseline on their teeth for red carpet events to ensure their smiles sparkle. You don’t have to go that far, but stay hydrated and lick your lips every once in a while during photo shoots to get that shine. Also, get the right lipstick. Something creamy with a slight shine works best and stay away from mattes because they absorb light and look darker.

Be you. Sudbury Smiles Dental Office can help you achieve the perfect wedding smile

Be You!

Last note is to be you, because that is what counts at the end of the day. Weddings can become all about the flowers, the dress, the cake, and so on, but at the end of the day it is about your and your significant other. Make sure that the memories you have are about that and we bet you will be smiling the whole time. What better make-up can you wear than your natural self?

Contact us today for a pre wedding polish, teeth whitening, and to discuss your other options for a sparkly wedding smile!

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Be You!

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