When should I take my child to the dentist?

A child’s first dental appoint should occur when the first tooth shows up. At this appointment your child will learn to get use to the office environment, sounds and smells. It is important for your child to feel comfortable at the dental office and not feel it is a chore to go.The dentist will show you ways to brush your child’s teeth and floss. The key to maintaining good oral hygiene is starting a routine at an early age.

Why do we need X-Rays?

X-rays are used by dentist to get a better look at what is happening bellow the gums. It helps the dentist see how your teeth are positioned and your bone structure.

What are my options for straightening my teeth?

Orthodontics now provides many ways to straighten teeth. The two ways that are available to patients are:


  1. Traditional braces, which use brackets and wires

  3. Clear aligners, which use aligner trays to move the teeth

How to combat dental fear/anxiety? What is available?

An option to combat extreme fear or anxiety is sedation dentistry. This gives the patients a relaxed feeling during the procedure and lessens their awareness of what is happening. More information on our Sedation Page.

Should I replace my amalgam (silver) fillings?

Check out our blog on the subject here.

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